To Host Bot Battles This December

This December, streamers will show their speed in the first-ever Bot Battles. Featuring’s new bot personalities, players of all skill levels will have their chance to beat Danny-Bot, Hikaru-Bot, and others for up to $5,000 in cash prizes throughout the event.

With both open and U2000 sections, this speed-based competition is open to all streamers on Twitch and YouTube who apply (see application below). The event will start on Friday, December 4, at 10 a.m. Pacific (19:00 Central Europe) and will be streamed live on

Open to all Twitch and YouTube streamers, Bot Battles will feature a five-hour melee between bots and streamers.


Streamers will start playing bots at exactly 10 a.m. Pacific Time (19:00 Central Europe) on Friday, December 4, and will race to beat as many bots as they can (and win bounty prizes) before time expires at 3 p.m. Pacific Time.

If a streamer defeats all the personality bots, then they will start battling the mighty Komodo engine, working their way up level by level until they reach the full strength engine. 

As streamers complete various tasks, they will need to submit a clip of their achievement to the dedicated private club for it to be considered for cash prizes.

To ensure all streamers have an equal start, all participants are required to create a new account through the official tournament landing page prior to the event (must open in an incognito window).


The username for this account must be specified in the application below. Players that beat bots prior to the universal event start time on this account will be automatically disqualified from all cash prizes.


To win prizes during the event, players will aim to complete the following objectives while streaming their Bot Battles. Upon completing an objective, players will clip their achievements to be considered for each prize.

Players will be sorted into sections based on their peak blitz rating prior to the event. 

All clips must include a window capture of the board, a window capture of the “results panel” (the grid with all of the bots), and a web camera. Players must earn three crowns when beating a bot to be considered a successful attempt. The clip submitted must demonstrate completion of the task, as well as the three crowns earned for beating that bot. Upon completing an objective, participants must submit their clip in the designated private club on Failure to submit the clip in the appropriate location may result in that clip being deemed ineligible.

Open Prizes

  • Most Bots Defeated: $1,000
  • Second-most Bots Defeated: $500
  • Third-most Bots Defeated: $300
  • First to beat Hikaru-Bot: $500
  • First beat Hess-Bot: $100
  • First beat Danny-Bot: $100
  • First beat Botez-Bot: $100
  • First to beat Noam: $250
  • First to beat all bots wearing a tie: $250
  • First to checkmate a bot with a knight move: $100
  • First to checkmate a bot with a pawn move: $100
  • First to take every piece before checkmating: $100
  • First to beat a bot with the knight and bishop endgame: $100

U2000 Prizes

  • Most Bots Defeated: $500
  • Second-most Bots Defeated: $200
  • Third-most Bots Defeated: $100
  • First to beat all adaptive bots: $250
  • First to beat all beginner level bots: $100
  • First to beat Hans: $100
  • First to beat Emir: $100
  • Defeat the most bots wearing hats: $100
  • Defeat the most bots with large beards: $100
  • Defeat a celebrity bot and tweet clip and tag @chesscom: $100 (every participant can win once)

Bot Battles Application

Fill out the application below to be eligible for the Bot Battles event. Players must stream with a camera and window capture of their browser in order to compete for prizes. To be eligible for cash prizes, streamers must create a new account through the tournament’s official landing page (open in incognito) prior to the event.

The Bot Battle will be broadcast live on,, and on December 4 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (19:00 Central Europe).

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