Cowboys honor Markus Paul ahead of traditional Thanksgiving game

Cowboys honor Markus Paul by wearing MP on helmets during Thanksgiving game.

The Dallas Cowboys played perhaps one of the hardest games of their season on Thanksgiving ans this time it had nothing to do with injuries or COVID-19. On Tuesday the team experienced a personal tragedy when strength and conditioning coach, Markus Paul, suffered a cardiac arrest and later died. He was just 54 years old.

On Thursday ahead of their traditional Thanksgiving Day game, the team offered a tribute to the fallen coach by wearing “MP” stickers on the backs of their helmets. The team was also seen on their knees in the middle of the field together.

The broadcast also offered a tribute to Paul by sharing their own stories of remembrance.

The Cowboys play the Washington Football Team during the second of two games on Thanksgiving. There were supposed to be three games but the Pittsburg Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens was postponed until Sunday due to COVID.

The Cowboys are grieving this season

The Cowboys have suffered on-field heartbreak following the gruesome injury of their quarterback Dak Prescott earlier this season. He’s out for the rest of the year.

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