Dan Orlovsky sets NFL world ablaze with Travis Kelce take

Do the Kansas City Chiefs posses the two best players in the NFL?

Even if you won’t admit it, the Kansas City Chiefs are far and away the NFL’s poster child. Sure, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 11-0, but Kansas City’s epic run over the past two seasons puts them in line to be the next dynasty.

Everything will always start at the quarterback position. Checkmark there with Patrick Mahomes. The fourth-year gunslinger who once was considered a project now is looking to be the greatest player the league has ever seen.

In 2020, Mahomes clearly sits at the top spot for the G.O.A.T. of the season. The real question now turns to who grabs the silver medal?  Well, Dan Orlovsky of ESPN believes the runner-up to Mahomes is actually a teammate.

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Orlovsky shared his thoughts on how if given the field or Kansas City, the Chiefs still would be the betting favorite to win Super Bowl LV. Part of that reason is due to having Mahomes.

The other? Travis Kelce, his selection as the second-best player in the NFL.

“For me, just because he brings so offense to their offense before the ball ever gets snapped,” Orlovsky said. “The amount of times they place him in specific positions to get the coverage is such an advantage because it doesn’t just effect the outcome of the play after the snap.”

Is Kelce the greatest tight end in NFL history?

Orlovsky might be onto something when looking back at Kelce’s production. Since 2016, the long-time tight end has finished with over 1,000 yards in every season to go with at least 83 catches and four touchdowns.

He’ll make it five straight years in the 1,000-yard mark as he currently has 978 yards off 74 catches through 11 games in 2020. Kelce also has tallied seven touchdowns, second-most on the team behind receiver Tyreek Hill.

There’s no denying Kelce’s talent, but plenty of names have earned the right for the second place crown. Aaron Donald has been the league’s most disruptive pass rusher since he arrived in 2014. Myles Garret is proving to be the next Bruce Smith out in Cleveland after three seasons of success.

Who else thinks that both DeAndre Hopkins and Julio Jones should be in the conversation for top pass-catcher in the league after their success thus far?

Orlovsky certainly is high on Kansas City. Easily Kelce is the league’s top tight end. Outside of that, it’ll be hard to prove to anyone he’s the second-best player in the league behind his ridiculously talented quarterback.

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