Don’t question Baker Mayfield’s arm strength ever again (Video)

Baker Mayfield’s Hail Mary went at least 70 yards on the fly, by our estimation.

Mayfield backed up his impressive performance against the Tennessee Titans with a solid opening drive in Cleveland’s divisional test vs the Ravens. Baker went 6-for-7 and led the Browns right down the field. Since then? It’s been hit or miss.

Yet, Mayfield’s confidence is as strong as ever. In Kevin Stefanski’s offense, Mayfield is at his most comfortable. As has been the case in recent weeks, Stefanski gets Mayfield out of the pocket frequently, using his mobility to his advantage. Sure, he’s no Lamar Jackson, but Mayfield is more than capable of throwing on the run, finding one of Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper or another of his litany of targets.

To make such throws on the move takes a lot of arm strength. Don’t believe me? This clip should suffice.

Mayfield’s Hail Mary nearly ended badly for one Ravens defender

Mayfield missed by a mile, as he overthrew everyone on the field with the pass going through the end zone. Ravens defensive back Chuck Clark was on the receiving end of such a play, unfortunately, as he tracked the ball the entire way.

Clark ran right into the goalpost, and took his time getting up after the fact. Thankfully, the goalposts are padded these days, or else that collision could’ve left a nasty scar.

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