Lions think they found Matt Patricia’s burner account

The Detroit Lions might be done with Matt Patricia, but his burner account could have been found. 

The Detroit Lions ended the Matt Patrica era Saturday after a 41-25 defeat by the Houston Texans. After what was expected to be a promising outcome thanks to his defensive magic, the Motor City franchise suffered nothing but setbacks under his regime.

While he may be gone, there’s a lingering feeling his presence surrounding the team is far from over.

A Twitter account better known as @EddyPLionsFan wasn’t too happy to see Patricia’s tenure end on a sour note. A staunch supporter of Patricia through and through, the account went on to say he worked with “what was given to him by former general manager [Bob] Quinn.”

No one believes that believes Patricia other than himself, right? Could this be a burner account by the former Lions head coach?

How petty could Patricia be?

Breaking down all the information, there’s reasons to believe that this truly could be under his name. For starters, the name is Eddie on the bolt account. Patricia’s full name is Matthew Edward.

EddieP could mean Eddie Patricia?

The account says Eddie has three children, the same number as Patrica has. On top of that, look at how good ole Eddie defends Bill Belichick, the coach who gave the former Lions coach a chance to be successful.

Finally, look at who he is all following. Outside of ESPN, a majority of the names on his 77 followers list are all Patriots players. And, just out of curiosity, where did Patrica coach before taking a quality team and running it into the ground.

At 13-29-1, Patrica suffered more losses in less time than former Lions coach Jim Caldwell. Caldwell finished three of his four seasons under the helm with a .500 record or better, including a trip to the postseason in 2016. That wasn’t good enough for the Ford Family, ultimately leading to his departure after the 2017 season.

Look, if there’s someone out there who loves Patricia that much so be it. Maybe it’s his brother, Pat Patricia? Maybe instead it’s just a die-hard Lions fan who won’t call it quits ever. Either way cheers to whoever runs this sad, sad account.

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