Patrick Mahomes threatens to ruin his Thanksgiving dinner with ketchup

Patrick Mahomes is bringing ketchup to the Thanksgiving dinner table and has no apologies to give.

Patrick Mahomes is nearly infallible in Kansas City. He has already led the team to one Super Bowl victory and is on track to do the same this season.

However, one thing about him rubs people the wrong way. That is his obsession with lathering any and all foods in ketchup. Thanksgiving is approaching and yes, you guessed it, Mahomes plans to bring more than a few ketchup bottles to the table.

A TMZ article rounded up a few quotes from a radio appearance on KCSP 610 in Kansas City in which the quarterback made it clear he is putting ketchup on his turkey.

Mahomes is all set for a big day of turkey and ketchup

“You got to put ketchup on that!” That is not Mahomes talking about a hamburger or fries. He is zeroing in on his plans for what should be quite the expensive Thanksgiving turkey.

The quarterback goes even further to say the ketchup will go on his Thanksgiving ham as well. No food appears to be safe in the Mahomes household on Thursday and that makes sense given Mahomes has a deal with Hunt’s Ketchup.

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Some fans will begin to gag at the thought of spending all the time cooking a feast, only to throw ketchup all over the place. Others, who are fond of the condiment, may finally be free and able to cite Mahomes as their hero.

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