Skilling Open 1: Giri leads mouse-slipping Carlsen

Anish Giri is sole leader of the Skilling Open after scoring
4/5 on Day 1, and it could have been more, since he took a draw in a close to winning
position against Hikaru Nakamura. Magnus Carlsen feared the worst after blundering
his queen against Ian Nepomniachtchi and then letting a win
slip against MVL. The World Chess Champion needn’t have worried, however, as he
bounced back to win the next three games. The surprise of the day was bottom
seed David Anton, who beat Svidler, Nepo and Radjabov to tie Magnus for 2nd
place. (MORE LATER)

You can replay all the games from Day 1 of the Skilling
Open, the first event on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour, using the
selector below.

We had four commentary streams in English alone, which you
can always catch on our
broadcast page
. Here’s the TV studio broadcast from Oslo featuring David
Howell, Jovanka Houska and host Kaja Snare, with interviews by Magnus Carlsen
and Anish Giri at the end.

And here’s Peter Leko and Tania Sachdev.

The day got off to a dramatic start after Magnus first found
a tricky win against Ian Nepomniachtchi…

…but then threw it all away with a mouse-slip.

Magnus resigned before Nepo could figure out a way to be

When Magnus also spoilt a win in the next game against MVL
he thought it might be a bad day at the office, but he stormed back to beat Teimour
Radjabov, David Anton and Alireza Firouzja, saying of the 17-year-old prodigy, “It’s always good to beat him while
I still can!”

The win against David Anton was also important, since the
Spanish Champion still tied Magnus for 2nd place after beating Peter Svidler, Ian
Nepomniachtchi and Teimour Radjabov.

Meanwhile almost everything went right for Anish Giri, who
pointed out afterwards he could have scored even more points. He explained that
he took the draw against Hikaru Nakamura because he thought he’d squandered
almost all his advantage, when in fact he was still doing very well.

Here are the standings after Round 5 of 15 in the
preliminary stage of the Skilling Open. The players’ goal is to finish in the
Top 8 and continue to the knockout stage, though it also matters where you
finish, since the player in 1st position will play the player in 8th, and so on.

Come back later for more quotes and analysis!

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