Stat proves Eagles have nowhere to go but up with Jalen Hurts

This stat alone justifies the benching of Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts. 

Who is Jalen Hurts? The NFL is about to find out if he could be the future of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson named Hurts his new starting quarterback Tuesday morning. The former Sooner  will start Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

Hurts entered last week during the third quarter after Carson Wentz finished 6-of-15 for 79 yards and was sacked four times. The dual-threat former Heisman Trophy runner-up outplayed the incumbent franchise quarterback by going  5-of-12 for 109 yards with a touchdown.

Hurts also added another 29 yards on the ground rushing.

Mobility is becoming essential in keep drives alive as defenses become faster. However, Wentz seems to be just lost in a season where everything feels out of place. That might be true, but one stat proves the Eagles have to at least give Hurts a try if they’re going to get out of this funk.

According to NFL on CBS, only two teams have yet to score 30 points on the season. The Eagles are one.

The other? The New York Jets.

Yikes indeed.

The Eagles offense should improve right?

Wentz has certainly seen better days, posting career lows in near every category. For the season, the 27-year-old leads the NFL in  interceptions (15) and sacks (46) and near dead-last in completion rating at 58.1 percent.

Yes, Wentz’s regression is partially on him, but it’s also on the offense as a whole. The wide receiver corp has been a turn-style from inadequate play to long-time members of the injured reserve list. The offensive line is missed both their starting tackles and now has concerns in the trenches.

Let’s not take Pederson off the leash yet either. His play-calling has completely lost the locker room while his inability to admit isn’t winning over the critics.

Hurts, who dazzled in final season with the Sooners, might just be the temporary fix in a lost season. He also might be the answer to the future. After tossing  32 touchdowns last season and rushing for 20 morning, is legs and arm might at garner a few more win in 2020.

At 3-8-1, might as well try it all, right? Anything to keep you from being compared to the Jets.

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